Proven shipbuilding expertise

Many ships built in the last decade, at yards around the world.

Shipbuilding is at the core of what we do

We have built several series of ships in the last decade at yards in Poland, Croatia, Vietnam and South Korea. We have an innate understanding of the steel and equipment that go into our vessels and the expertise to adapt to our customers’ changing needs. In our Polish newbuilding series we developed thousands of improvements and modifications from our first ship to our last, and we bring the same vigor to every newbuilding project we approach.

We were the first and to date only company to successfully build PCTC vessels in Vietnam. These ships were designed by us and represented a major achievement as well for the burgeoning Vietnamese shipbuilding industry.

In Croatia we built a series of high-spec midsize PCTCs, enhanced by many design improvements.

We have a significant newbuilding program underway in South Korea at a top shipyard. South Korea is a leading global center for shipbuilding in terms of capacity, quality and vessel sophistication.

Quality at the cutting edge

In addition to understanding the technical challenges, we have experienced supervision teams and good relationships with the leading yards and equipment suppliers. This gives us confidence in the quality of our vessels and puts us at the forefront of PCTC design.

Proven shipbuilding expertise